The best coffeeshop in town, Since 1997, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

About us

Coffeeshop Flower Power is one of our three coffeeshops situated in 3 historic Frisian cities. Each with its own identity,-visitors,-colorful history and playful stories. Flower Power is located in Leeuwarden, a cultural city with a rich history and the capital city of our province. Though a location in the heart of the water sports area of Friesland is a must. In 2005 we incorporated with coffeeshop Heaven situated in an historic building, surrounded by water and an amazing view on the famous Waterpoort in Sneek. But our adventure started in 1989 with Coffeeshop Kaya in Harlingen, way before the current national policy regarding coffeeshops became effective, as a fully licensed pub and authorization for the sale of soft drugs

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About our brand

The court jester is the image to our brand since the name of Kaya changed into Hofnar in 1989 and well known in the Netherlands and abroad. In all these years, our court jester with a nod to the ‘ fun cigarette ‘ is central to the mission of The Hofnar Company. An Old Dutch image, derived from de Hofnar Cigars advertising, stands for fun, pleasure and comfortable enjoyment of a pure Dutch Smoke, which we continue to carry out in our coffeeshops


With 26 years of experience, we have grown to a unity in diversity with individuality, and ready for a new era. Allhough Cannabis is still surrounded by a negative and dark atmosphere, research into applications of this crop over the past few years brought about a clear shift. With the scientific research concerning the medicinal effects of Cannabinoids, Cannabis is starting to receive the recognition it deserves. We grow with this recognition as it develops a lifestyle and more transparency. The product range in our coffeeshops varies from fine quality products for smoking-pleasure to CBD products extracted from biological medicinal hemp plants. This is our statement for a healthy lifestyle with the use of natural products. We support the Mediwiet Foundation, legalization of Medicinal Cannabis and PGMCG.

Open Imagination

Open Imagination


Service is important to us ‘ the customer is like Royalty’, and we represent ‘ de court jester ‘ for leisure and entertainment. Our team guarantees a fast service inside the coffeeshop and at our takeaway counter. In the coffee shops, we offer a wide range of facilities and space for active and passive enjoyment. Within an intimate atmosphere with background music there is room for a good conversation, a game of Pool and table football, game machine, board game, internet activities and lounging. A pleasant main bar, loose tables and lounge sofas invite you to enjoy a refreshing drink and snack and a moment to relax. At major events and festivals around Leeuwarden, we provide our domestic and foreign customers with our extra service.

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